Sri Lankan BeyBladers

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Online forum rules

You need to go on rules. Or you will be Limited or we will cancel your membership

Modrater Rules

Modraters can't manage websites without permission.
Moderators must be on the web page at least every week.
Modertors must look out what they are assigned for.

Members Rules
Member must listen for what moderaters say.
Members can't advertise in posts.
Members signature must be under 500px x 200px.
Members can't have two images in the signature.

Limited members Rules
L. members can't creat new topics.
L. members can't have a signature
L. members must be elobrate. or they are memberships will be canceled.
L. members can't organize tournaments.

Tournament Rules

  • Tournament organizer`s need to get permission for it.
  • Tournament`s need at least 8 members and a stadium.
  • Tournament  holder`s must post a topic on the tournament forum.
  • After the tournament the tournament holder must send us the tournament report including The schedule.
  • Players must be a member if SLB Forum.